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    Hi Alyssa! I’m Elle and I own an online shoe store for women & I’m a business consultant. After you have legalized your business, create your name, buy your domain and create your social media pages. Find a good manufacturer not a vendor/3rd party. Vendors will buy from the manufacturer and charge you more. So choose a good manufacturer to get wholesale prices and they will almost never ever run out of your product because the make it. Then choose your items from the manufacturer for each type of clothing you want to sell & organize each category by season. Decide if you will dropship or order inventory in bulk. If you decide to dropship make sure the manufacturer offers it. Then ask them all the necessary info like shipping cost and time of shipping, get the MOQ – minimum order requirement per style. Choose your inventory tracking process & payment processor. Create your website or hire someone, create your marketing plan, create your order flow and market, market and market some more! Be blessed!


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