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    Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs!! My business did not qualify for this but I thought it was a amazing opportunity so I signed up to offer this. If you were in business during the pandemic or your business had issues / was affected during the pandemic, or was open during the pandemic and had to close down, There is money available for you. Its called employee retention grant.. if you employed 5 or more ppl and paid for their healthcare ect, There is money that is due to you.

    I find that when I talk to companies about it, some either don’t believe me or think this has something to do with the grants some businesses were getting during the pandemic. There is alot of false info being circulated. I’m not going to list any links or anything, If your seriously interested, contact me, sometimes businesses think they dont qualify and they really do, You would actually be surprised. Best part about it.. there will be $0 out of your pocket! So you really have nothing to lose to at least hear about the info.

    Also please be careful about the company you chose to help you with this, The company I am with has been in the finance industry for over 15 yrs.. We work with Visa, The Lakers, ect ect.. Please be careful with companies with ” ERC” in their name.. as they tend to be new companies. Go with a company that has a guarantee and will not leave you stranded and KNOWS what they are doing.

    I share this out of love because I would want someone to share this with me. I am very honored to have companies that are in line to receive money that was due to them because they were in business during the pandemic.

    Much love and success to all of us


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