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        Join us in Houston, Texas!

        Sisters Inspire Sisters Network is the #1 Global Women’s Entrepreneur Network that show women worldwide the endless possibilities when you have access to the right resources, strategies, and supportive communities to back your vision.

        Focusing on Faith, Leadership, Finance, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship the SIS Network is changing the trajectory of women entrepreneurs from 80% failure to 100% success.

        The BOSS Conference is coming to Houston, TX. We will have panel discussions, presentations and training, and networking opportunities . We believe the first key to success is FAITH, the belief that all things are possible. LEADERSHIP, leading like a BOSS with first believing in yourself, your power, your abilities and your strength. FINANCE, we understand that financial stability and economic empowerment for women are the keys to success. We believe in collaboration, shared expertise, cross-networking and education through community, support, accountability and sisterhood.

        The BOSS Conference will consist of:

        Dynamic Speakers
        Prominent Vendors
        And much more!
        Refreshments and lunch will be served
        Register Here:

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