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        I’m in the Home Renovation business and I’m wondering how do I get funding without getting a loan. The 8th of January will be a year I’ve been up and running. I’ I’ve put out way more than I got back is it anyway to get money to stay afloat

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          @Success78 try going to,, Legalzoom has a pretty good list also. The SBA has a new program so give them a second look.

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            Good morning Success78,

            I hope this finds you well. You can establish business credit for your business as many of my clients use their business credit to help with furnishing their AirBnb or property management company. Therefore, to answer your question, yes, you can get funding without a loan by establishing your business credit.

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              This is difficult, most small business fundings are in the form of loans, and that is almost ALL of what the SBA does.

              Non loan funding would need to take one of three forms:

              1. sell equity (ownership) in your company.

              2. receive grants.

              3. “pre-sell” products and use the purchase funds to operate. This is what a lot of crowdfunding sites do.

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                Great day to you Success78!

                We are Housing Specialties, I am the owner, located in the Detroit, MI area and are assisting SBO’s (Small Business Owners)/Entrepreneurs with referrals to resources to assist them with being more successful in business. I agree with the list given by Chyann and double the SBA reference! SBA actually just added a few new funding sources that you may qualify for. We are looking to see if we do as well! Some are loans but they have new grants as well due to EIDL/PPP issues. New funds are there so check them out! Also, we are looking to obtain funding to be able to provide National remote sourcing for candidates in our Construction niche! WE may be able to assist your company if you have hiring needs now for your Home Renovation business. We are setting things up as we speak! Good luck to you!

                Success and prosperity,


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                Good morning, My name is Jason kelly i have a small woodworking business in Darlington,sc, and im Desperately trying to get some type of funding i cant get a loan because my ex-wife messed my credit up big time, i have lexington lawyer firm working on it now, the reason for my funding is so i can purchase new equipment, and fix the roof of my shop, we had a bad storm come throug a couple weeks ago an a tree fell right through my shop destroyed it, and frankly im getting on order’s faster then i can get em out, so im begging you please can you help me with that information please, Ive tried the SBA and the lady that i spoke with idk but i aint never been treated that rude before in my life.

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                  Well, I hear that many household business names like the Disneys, The Ray Krocs ( Mcdonalds ) of the world allegedly funded their businesses with their whole Life insurance policies. They cashed out a small portion to either secure a loan or use that asset to invest in themselves. Lots of information out there nowadays to “be your own bank”

                  Now with that being said, Have I used this concept? No, but it may help someone who needs it, Good luck!!!
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