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        I have not successfully pivoted to onine sales because I am a people person and I don’t really like to do work on my website or online store like I KNOW other gurus do (like). How can I connect with a techie-person to help me get my store up and running? It seems every person I have tried to hire to help me has only taken my money and not gotten me closer to my dream–to complete my online sales store on my WiX website. I’ve paid for the platform, now I just need to get this task finished. Can you help me? Thanks! Sonja

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          I know the Perfect person She loves WIX and she is your Girl Friday that can do everything that is needed to run your business and will teach you if you want to know or she will just be the person you call on to fix/run/set up your site. All those that know her call her Rose to the rescue.
          Here is her information:

          Rose Karl

          G E T S I T D O N E

          When your office needs Rose to the Rescue!


          Tell her CathyB sent you!

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            What kind of website support are you talking?! Hosting. Hosting, general upkeep, rebuild?! Just curious as I do this as a hobby/sid.gig. Buy I do amazing work might just take a day longer than someone that does it 24/7. Feel free to contact me for more information!! Love n Light!! Xoxi

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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