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        Can we be “real” and discuss the emotional and mental Guilt of being a Mom/wife and Entrepreneur.
        Sometimes I feel the long hours I put in researching and content creating takes away from time I could have spent doing activities with my kids. What are ways You find balance or less challenging?

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          Hi AusomeLifeInstitute!

          This is a REAL topic! Mom guilt is something hardly anyone discusses. I think it’s because, well.. moms take care of everything.

          Something I like to do is Bible study with my children. We will sit in a circle and read and discuss it together. We will research particular verses together for better understanding, and it always ends with me feeling a great inner peace. I know it helps my children too!

          I also make a point to remind myself, that although, I’m a very busy woman – everything I do, I do it for my children. In the long run, it all pays off for their benefit! The fact that you have any kind of mom guilt at all, means that you are doing a GREAT job!

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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