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      What is your favorite social media platform and why?

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      Social media can be used in different ways for different businesses. Tell us what platform you have seen work the best for your business and why!

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          My favorite social media is Facebook. On Facebook, I have many friends that range from different ages. I enjoy being able to see posts of friends with children and keep up with the children growing up, even if I don’t see them often in person.

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          We love using Instagram! Not only does it seem we get business from there, but our company gets to work with such beautiful clients and throw lovely events so it is always esthetically pleasing to post!

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            Facebook is my favorite social media platform. Facebook has a ton of features that I like and use. I keep in touch with old friends and family, share with the world what I am doing and where I am going, play games, watch videos, and more.

            Facebook is continuously being updated with new features such as live video streaming. You can live stream to your profile or group pages. The video streams are saved to your profile or group page after you stop streaming so people can view them later.

            Facebook has an algorithm for ranking posts so it shows you what you are most likely to be interested in based on your past activity on Facebook. It also has a “see first” feature for profiles and pages so you can see their posts at the top of your news feed. You can buy FB video views to increase the brand awareness of your video.

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              My favorite social media platform is Facebook. I like that i can keep up with friends and family while also having access to small businesses/groups all at once.

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              Goldsmith SwimGoldsmith Swim

                I also find Facebook the most useful platform

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                  Right now my favorite social media platform is TikTok. Why? Because I’ve learned that in these day and ages with technology people are nosey. They want to see before and after pictures and they want to watch you do whatever it is you are doing. With TikTok it’s easy for them to want a quick little snippet of what you do or a snippet of you giving out product information or education and you have followers and potential clients and buyers from that asap. TikTok let’s you be you and clients love that.

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                    Instagram and Tik Tok, because these are the space for the millennials. We learn a lot on tik tok

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                      TikTok has become my new favorite social media platform. I was so against it for the longest time because I thought it wasn’t going to be useful for my business. It is one of my favorites, I can get creative and the videos are easy to upload. I honestly don’t over think what I am going to post like I do on Instagram.
                      Another favorite of mine is Pinterest. I love the fact that despite it being a popular platform overseas and so many people utilize it for ideas and inspiration, it gives me so many ideas I can utilize, it is not about the likes and follows, it is about what inspires and what is important to me as an individual. I also create and posts my creative ideas to inspire others and it gives me a positive feeling unlike FB and Instagram.

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                          I think Tik Tok can be a winner if they allow you to ggo live with less than 1000 followers, save and post your live streams.

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                          So far, my favorite social media platform is LinkedIn. It’s my favorite because it’s known as a professional website, and I have over 6K connections/followers.

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                            My favorite social media platform is Facebook. Facebook has been in existence before most or other social media platforms. Most people especially the older generation stick with Facebook. On Facebook I get to cut across every works of life to advertise my business

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                              My favorite is Facebook. I am old school but I need to get on Tik tok and instagram. Anyone have any pointers for them.

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